5 Tips To Finding A Contractor

Finding the right contractor doesn’t always have to be difficult when done right. We put together 5 important tips to help you plan your project and find the right contractor. These tips are guide lines followed by our team and realtors to make sure we assist our clients with the proper service making sure the job is done right.

  1. Best time to search for a contractor before a project starts.
  2. Where to look for a contractor.
  3. How to find out, if a contractor is a pro.
  4. Getting the best price.
  5. Have everything in writing.

Best time to search for a contractor before a project starts.

Renovations can be fun and we all want to rush and get it done. It’s a wise plan to do as much research as possible and have everything planned out before searching for a contractor. Projects aren’t cheap and they do take some time to finish depending on the size of the job. Write down everything you plan to change from the type of materials to a list of trades men needed. The better the planning the more you’ll get an accurate estimate.

Where to look for a contractor.

Searching for a contractor can be tough because we don’t know who will do the job right. At Realty Contracting we put together an easy source to serve our clients with the right trades. What makes us unique and trusting is we have a big reference of realtors that use our services to serve their clients with our reputable contractors. Realtors rely on their reputation, so to them having the right contractor is a valuable service to their sellers and buyers. All of our contractors in Realty Contracting are used by our listed realtors. What makes it easy is all you have to do is post your project and let a contractor find you. Get started today.

How to find out, if a contractor is a pro.

Ask many questions like,

How long have you worked in your Trade?

Do you have a company vehicle, a business card, or a website?

Do you have liability insurance, WCB, and business registry number?

Can you provide a list of references from your previous finished projects?

Are you available to do my project on the selected date?

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