5 Red Flags When Buying A Home

Buying a home is a big investment, so it is important to know the conditions of the house before purchasing.

It may be a wise choice to hire a home inspector to do the inspection for you as they are experienced to locate any problems right away. Your inspector will be able to spot issues such as, structural damage, any system damage, and repairs needed

Here are 5 common home signs to look at before buying a home:

  1. Neighborhood condition

Your location will determine the quality of lifestyle you choose to live in your new home.

Buyers should keep an eye out for abandoned and boarded up properties as well as garbage or graffiti which conditions like this may bring crime as well. Messy neighbors that don’t care about others around them will bring you problems in the future.

  • Structural problems on walls

Cracks in the foundation shows indications of shifting that can leave cracks in the walls. These signs may cause water damage, like peeling ceilings that indicate roof repairs. Look around for new paint in a small section as it may have been added to hide all the mold and water damage.

  • Insects and pest problems

It’s hard to spot them at first while viewing a home, but the most common pests include termites, powder post beetles, ants.

Hiring a pest inspector is quite expensive, and worth it, since a pest problem can cost a huge amount to correct.

  • Bad odors in the air

A home that smells both good and bad can be a bad sign. It’s possible an owner might use an air freshener in every room to hide any foul odor.

Ask yourself these questions:

Is there any mold around that could smell?

Was there any animal urine in the subfloor or elsewhere?

How do the vents look?

Is the electrical done properly around the house?

  • Workmanship and Repairs

It’s common for a home owner with no renovation experience to do all the maintenance and repairs themselves which could cost a lot to get it redone. Some of the common amateur workmanship to keep an eye on includes: major issues with plumbing, electrical work, and structural repairs.

As a home buyer it is critical to keep a lookout for all these red flags so it does cost you a lot more in expense or disappointment on you big home purchase.

Keep it on the safe side and find an agent or hire an inspector to help.

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